Hits you with a brick

Posted: March 10, 2014 in Uncategorized

Old man from peru


There was an old man from Peru
who dreamed he was eating his shoe.
When he woke in a fright
in the dark of the night
he found it was perfectly true.”


You may think that this story’s absurd
but there is more to the tale that I heard.
He had skipped all his meals
with a healthy-food feel
and filled up on only desert!

Now a man who eats nothing but sweets
will get hungry again while he sleeps.
So with nothing to do
he tried gnawing his shoe
and woke again hungry and mean.

The lesson I’m trying to teach
is to eat all your veggies and beets.
What a shame it would be
to end up like he
and awake with a shoe in your teeth!

This poem definitely has a surprising ending which is to teach children a lesson to eat their vegetables.

As it may sound silly and wayward at first, the latter part definitely “hits you (If you particularly dislike vegetables) with a brick”.










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