Ritualistically recalls horrible memories in loving detail

Posted: March 7, 2014 in Uncategorized

Drowning by Aruna Dinakharna 2014


Heavy iron anchor,
Weighing me down.
The pounding in my ear
Slowly surrounds me in darkness
A darkness that drowns me.


The poet describes the horrible experience of drowning in the deep. Instead of giving a horrible description on how his lungs explode and his brain dies out of lack of oxygen, the poet describes the surroundings with beauty. Using subtle words like “slowly surrounds”, “darkness that drowns me”.


It gives a solemn and peaceful mood of the poet as he dies in and sinks into the abyss of the ocean.




NEGUS 2008


I am dying


You’re giving me disease,
And it’s burning to my core.
Get in my mind, come on, 
Look deep down and find
My heart is slowly stopping.
You’re killing me,
You murderer. 

Source: I Am Dying, Poem about Nature http://www.familyfriendpoems.com/poem/i-am-dying#ixzz2uRNkLPmW 
Family Friend Poems 


This is a poem about nature. It is not new to us that nature is slowly dying it is ever slowly decaying because of humans. This poem is news and stays news because it continues to be a truth up to now even if it was written years ago.




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