Purges pity and terror

Posted: March 7, 2014 in Uncategorized

Ears of the dagger point; 
Eyes of the fire burn, 
Lips of the ruby blood; 
The wretched elf comes.

Cold of the frozen soul; 
A mind of the sinister kind, 
Hands of a killer be; 
The wretched elf comes.

Skin brighter than white; 
Hair darker than night, 
Teeth yellow as rotten flesh; 
The wretched elf comes.

Pain in the heart; 
Loss of the mind, 
Freezing of the lungs; 
The wretched elf comes.

Body gone cold; 
Soul gone to dust, 
Death is to me; 
As the wretched elf comes.


This poem is of unknown origin, it was found in the latter part of the 1500’s in a small box hidden under a loose floor board in the Library of the Grey, located within Nyermersys. It is said that the poem was written about the Eophyrhim dark elves around the time of the Sarvonian Wars, it is also supposed to be a possibility that the poem refers to Queprur, the Goddess of Death herself. Other than that it is a mystery to the meaning of these words. The parchment was quite damaged when found but luckily just about readable.


This poem inspires horror as it describes in detail the terrifying characteristics of the Goddess of Death that has come upon him. 

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