Instructs by Pleasing

Posted: February 26, 2014 in Uncategorized

Author: NeverLand_JK

 A beautiful day

there’s not a cloud today

just a sky of blue

as the sun shines bright

it feels so new

As you walk down the street,

You can see smiles from all around.

It looks like everyone,

Came to Town.


Enjoy the summers day.

And let time stand still.

For a little while,

Just until.


This is a very cute poem. It starts off by talking about what a beautiful day it is. Describing the cerulean sky and bright sun, the happy faces all around. 

The  author instructs the reader to just stop and enjoy. To let time stand still and live in the beauty of this day. The simplistic way it was written projects the way the author wants people to just enjoy the day. 


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