Movement by Precise Expression

Posted: February 23, 2014 in Uncategorized

Reborn Heart

From the ashes of a fallen lust,

Where my tiny heart was turned to dust


I crawled from the fires of desire,

Letting go of what I once admired


The fear of freedom and acceptance of blame,

My life moves forward I am not longer the same.

I have learned my path is different than yours,

I must follow my heart where ever it soars.

The sweet taste of imaginations touch,

I have used you for far too long as a crouch.


Remembering a time before my heart cried,

I break myself free and reclaim my pride.


This mornings sun brings a new day,

A new moment in the world for me to play


Author: C. Budd


The poem demonstrates the heartbreak of the author. However from this heartbreak, it inspires moving on and choosing to be happy. Although her “heart cried” and “turned to dust”, it dawned on the poem’s persona that although there was love, it really truly was not enough to make it work. And in spite of the memories, good or bad, it is time to break free. 


This movement changed the persona, for the better. Into a person who looks forward to coming days and all that life has to offer. 


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