Poetic by Default

Posted: February 22, 2014 in Uncategorized

Author: Nick Asbury


I am a poet
and this is how
I feel right now.

I feel sad
at the thought
that life is short.

I feel angry
about war
and what it’s for.

I feel bad
about a love I lost,
and also a bit cross.

I feel happy
the sun coming out.

I feel another
coffee coming on.
Do you want one?

The default poem is the I-persona’ describing his state of mind and feeling as though speaking to the reader directly. It carries the formula of I am and this is what I want, this is how I feel. Which is nice because of how direct and prompt the ideas or feelings of the author are presented to us are. 

The poem, while it gets to the point lacks emotional involvement which is the problem with default poems. It’s nature does not allow the reader to fully grasp the words and feelings that come along with it. 

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