A Religious Feeling

Posted: February 19, 2014 in Uncategorized

Author: Patrick Pierce

URL: http://catholicstand.com/thrills-a-poem/ Patrick Pierce




Hollow, empty spaces
All the world so wide
Distraction filling silence
While the soul abides.

The ego dances freely
With the vapid little thrills
Temptations on the cutting edge
Yet older than the hills.

We put ourselves atop
Above the petty rest
Never clear enough to see
What we’ve made second best.

For if God were really up there
There’d be no suffering or loss
He would not permit it,
Just ask Him, on the cross.

Human beings are guilty of constantly complaining of all the misfortune that falls upon them. It is simply impossible to please them. However this poem reminds religious believers of the essence of their faith. God suffered for them, and they cannot help but feel a twinge of guilt and remorse for failing to appreciate all that He has done for them. 


It boosts the common man’s quest to do more good and become a better person. It teaches to stop complaining as much and remember all that is good in life, and all that God has given. 

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