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Looks before and After

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Past and Present

By: Thomas Wood


I remember, I remember

The house where I was born,

The little window where the sun

Came peeping in at morn;

He never came a wink too soon

Nor bought too long a day;

But now, I often wish the night

Had borne my breath away.


I remember, I remember

The roses, red and white,

The violets, and the lily-cups–

Those flowers made of light!

The lilacs where the robin built,

And where my brother set

The laburnum on his birthday,–

The tree is living yet!


I remember, I remember

Where I was used to swing,

And throught the air must rush as fresh

To swallows on the wing;

My spirit flew in feathers then

That is so heavy now,

And summer pools could hardly cool

The fever on my brow.


I remember, I remember

The fir frees dark and high;

I used to think their slender tops

Were close against the sky:

It was a childish ignorance,

But now ’tis little joy

To know I’m farther off from Heaven

Than when I was a boy.


This poem, using the words “I remember” shows the persona of the poem looking back at the past and reminiscing it. He looks back at the innocence of his youth now that he is close to death.

The poem shows the before and after of the persona. And at the end of the poem, he seems to have died as he says that he is farther off from heaven which can suggest that he is six feet underground. The persona shows the difference from his bright and youthful ignorance and the pain of today.



Hood, Thomas. “Past and Present.” N.p., 03 Jan. 2003. Web. 31 Jan. 2014.




She decided right then

and there, “I’m going to

stop eating. This way, I 

can feel physical pain

without other people seeing it. They won’t

judge me-and I can be beautiful



Author: Anonymous 


The persona chooses to get the pleasure of compliments and adoration in spite of how she truly feels and without any regard to what she is doing to herself- hurting. The persona represents the ideology of young girls around the world who seek pleasing looks, as the main priority. 


The extent of it all is amazing because the persona is willing to hurt herself that much instead of being who she really is. Which is what is wrong with the world. 

Instructs by Pleasing

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Author: NeverLand_JK

 A beautiful day

there’s not a cloud today

just a sky of blue

as the sun shines bright

it feels so new

As you walk down the street,

You can see smiles from all around.

It looks like everyone,

Came to Town.


Enjoy the summers day.

And let time stand still.

For a little while,

Just until.


This is a very cute poem. It starts off by talking about what a beautiful day it is. Describing the cerulean sky and bright sun, the happy faces all around. 

The  author instructs the reader to just stop and enjoy. To let time stand still and live in the beauty of this day. The simplistic way it was written projects the way the author wants people to just enjoy the day. 


Movement by Precise Expression

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Reborn Heart

From the ashes of a fallen lust,

Where my tiny heart was turned to dust


I crawled from the fires of desire,

Letting go of what I once admired


The fear of freedom and acceptance of blame,

My life moves forward I am not longer the same.

I have learned my path is different than yours,

I must follow my heart where ever it soars.

The sweet taste of imaginations touch,

I have used you for far too long as a crouch.


Remembering a time before my heart cried,

I break myself free and reclaim my pride.


This mornings sun brings a new day,

A new moment in the world for me to play


Author: C. Budd


The poem demonstrates the heartbreak of the author. However from this heartbreak, it inspires moving on and choosing to be happy. Although her “heart cried” and “turned to dust”, it dawned on the poem’s persona that although there was love, it really truly was not enough to make it work. And in spite of the memories, good or bad, it is time to break free. 


This movement changed the persona, for the better. Into a person who looks forward to coming days and all that life has to offer. 


Poetic by Default

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Author: Nick Asbury


I am a poet
and this is how
I feel right now.

I feel sad
at the thought
that life is short.

I feel angry
about war
and what it’s for.

I feel bad
about a love I lost,
and also a bit cross.

I feel happy
the sun coming out.

I feel another
coffee coming on.
Do you want one?

The default poem is the I-persona’ describing his state of mind and feeling as though speaking to the reader directly. It carries the formula of I am and this is what I want, this is how I feel. Which is nice because of how direct and prompt the ideas or feelings of the author are presented to us are. 

The poem, while it gets to the point lacks emotional involvement which is the problem with default poems. It’s nature does not allow the reader to fully grasp the words and feelings that come along with it. 

Author: Seamus Heaney

URL: Seamus Heaney 


This poem undoubtedly stirs some feeling in the heart. A brother away at college, only to return home for the funeral of his little 4 year old brother. A four foot box, a foot for every year. Indeed he was too young to die, too young. 


One cannot help but feel intense sympathy for this family because everyone understands the pain of loss.  Even the father in the poem, a man of few words was sobbing. Anger will also be felt because of the way the death happened. It was an accident, yes. And especially when a young one’s life was robbed way before its peak. 


A Religious Feeling

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Author: Patrick Pierce

URL: Patrick Pierce




Hollow, empty spaces
All the world so wide
Distraction filling silence
While the soul abides.

The ego dances freely
With the vapid little thrills
Temptations on the cutting edge
Yet older than the hills.

We put ourselves atop
Above the petty rest
Never clear enough to see
What we’ve made second best.

For if God were really up there
There’d be no suffering or loss
He would not permit it,
Just ask Him, on the cross.

Human beings are guilty of constantly complaining of all the misfortune that falls upon them. It is simply impossible to please them. However this poem reminds religious believers of the essence of their faith. God suffered for them, and they cannot help but feel a twinge of guilt and remorse for failing to appreciate all that He has done for them. 


It boosts the common man’s quest to do more good and become a better person. It teaches to stop complaining as much and remember all that is good in life, and all that God has given.