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In The Silence

© Rebecca Swadzba

I take a glance, 
at the scars on my wrists
they tell me, 
it doesn’t have to be like this
I want to talk, 
to let it out
but nobody is there to listen, 
even when I shout
depression is dark
so speak up
before it takes you away
and covers your mouth


This poem connected me to the emotion of sadness. It got me thinking about how depression could greatly affect an individual. Music sometimes express emotions like these and the poem reminded me of some songs that perfectly do that.

Music makes me think about the situation of the persona to the point of sometimes “feeling” that situation already because of how intense the song expresses the said emotion. This poem did the same to me because of the way the poem was written.

Source: Swadzba, Rebecca. “In The Silence.”Family Friend Poems. N.p., n.d. Web. 26 Dec. 2013. <>.


Opposite of a Gazebungle

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From My Heart

© Mrs Creeves

A million stars up in the sky
one shines brighter I can’t deny
A love so precious a love so true
a love that comes from me to you
The angels sing when you are near
within your arms I have nothing to fear
You always know just what to say 
just talking to you makes my day
I love you honey with all of my heart
together forever and never to part.


I understood gazebungle as something that is clear and it doesn’t affect my gaze on it. The poem definitely made it clear how the persona really loves her partner. The words used are sweet and one can feel the love just by reading the poem


The author did her best to put into writing how much she loves her partner. It is hard to put into words emotions we feel but the author was able to write what she felt and was also able to make a nice poem.


source: “From My Heart.” Family Friend Poems. N.p., n.d. Web. 26 Dec. 2013. <>.

Sets Off Your Indicator Light

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How could I be so lonely

© Cath Glasgow

How could I be so lost,
In a place I know so well?
How could I be so broken,
In a family so together?
How could I be so lonely,
Surrounded by so many?
How could I be so unhappy,
Surrounded by so much beauty?
How could I be me,
When even I remain a mystery?


This poem definitely set of my indicator lights because it contains too much sadness. The author clearly was going through something that was too sad based on the words she used for the poem.

I like how she was able to describe the sadness she went through because of this poem. Oftentimes it gets hard to put into words the emotions we feel whenever we are going to something tough or sad.

Source: Glasgow, Cath. “How could I be so lonely.” Family Friend Poems. N.p., n.d. Web. 26 Dec. 2013. <>.

That Feeling Of Forever.

© Laura

I want that feeling.
you know?
That feeling of forever.
So simple,
Yet combined with everything
Love, Lust, Happiness, Sadness
But still,
I want that feeling.
you know?
That feeling of forever.


The poem snaps me into a different state of mind because it describes forever as something simple. I have always thought of forever as a very complicated and intense topic but this poem just describes it as a simple thing.

It makes me think that what if forever really is a simple thing? That I do not know and I have yet to find out.

Source: “That Feeling Of Forever..” Family Friend Poems. N.p., n.d. Web. 26 Dec. 2013. <>.

To Shatter Self-Importance

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Never Look Back

© Christina Renee Donnal

Never look back at your past,
The past is the past,
and nothing at last,
Look into the future,
for what you might see,
is you and me forever.


Oftentimes, individuals dwell on the past too much. I am guilty of this as well and this poem really shatters self-important secluded views of the world. The poem says that individuals shouldn’t look at the past too much and just envision the bright future ahead.

The poem tries to tell people that thinking about the past too much will affect the future in a negative manner. The persona is also saying that love isn’t about the past, it’s about the present and the present will be the one to affect the future.

Source: Donnal, Christina Renee. “Never Look Back.” Family Friend Poems. N.p., n.d. Web. 26 Dec. 2013. <>.

Poetry That Just Sounds Good

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© Maria

Someday you’ll cry for me, like I cried for you,
Someday you’ll miss me, like I missed you,
Someday you’ll need me, like I needed you,
Someday you’ll love me, but I won’t love you.


The poem sounds good because it talks about how a persona wants another persona to feel the things he has felt about that other persona before. In my opinion these feelings are often felt when a breakup has occurred between a couple or one person loving another person without that other person loving him or her back.

It also sounds good because the poem showed how the persona was able to move on from the other persona. It takes a lot of courage and strength to do so and I applaud the persona for being able to do just that.

Source:  “Someday.” Family Friend Poems. N.p., n.d. Web. 26 Dec. 2013. <>.


© Terri Nicole Tharrington

Forever we remain oblivious to the future, 
lost to the past and enduring our torture. 
Forever we take chances to settle our scores, 
losing some battles and winning some wars. 
Forever praying out loud hoping someone will hear, 
forever crying softly but never shedding a tear. 
Forever exists behind a disguise, 
but the belief in forever keeps our hearts alive.


This poem marries sound and meaning because the author used rhyme in every line and it helped deliver the message of the poem. She was able to cut her sentences in such a way that a rhyme was created and yet the poem still had sense.

Combining sound and meaning in a poem is very helpful because it not only delivers the message, but it also shows how good the author is in playing with words. Making a poem with rhyme is quite difficult because for me, it is hard to find words that rhyme that fir together when used in a poem.

Source: Tharrington, Terri Nicole. “Forever.”Family Friend Poems. N.p., n.d. Web. 26 Dec. 2013. <>.