Cracking The Whip

Posted: December 30, 2013 in Uncategorized

Transcript of L.A basketball poem

By Von Garcia


L.A Project Ball For life Sport inspires me, To compete.
Winning over losing, Is much more sweet.
I love the game. Life without sports,
Would not be the same. I sacrifice everything for my team,
Because a championship, Is our only dream.
We are a team, Of courage and heart.
Every member, Holds a critical part.
No matter what, We shall never quit,
Tough and determined, With plenty of grit.
Now is the time, for us to excel. Forget about past mistakes, 
no point to dwell. 
Only one thing, should remain in our mind, 
Victory! and how we shall find. 
Through our victory, justice shall be served, 
At the end of the day, our legacy, 
will be forever preserved. 
Watch me as i go to the court To dribble the ball,
Going from one end to the other end
Hoping not to fall, With all eyes on the players
As we say the last prayer That we keep dribbling more,
Then throwing the ball up and making a score.
Then everyone sees the coaches As they approach the teams
And helping them to fulfill our dreams. One of the players goes to the right
As he pass the ball to me, and I put the ball into the flight.
And the ball comes a little short Of reaching the other end of the court.
I fake left then spin right, i release ball It’s in flight. Point guard catches perfect pass,
Now much closer to backboard glass. Ball hits backboard then drops in,
Cheering crowd three point win. Some celebrate some in shock, watching shot, beat the clock.


The poem basically talks about the life of basketball. This talks about the qualities that these people need in their lives. People who love the game give their heart and all their courage to win the game. They also show qualities such as teamwork and even discipline and most especially effort.


Just like a poem should be, it shows the discipline and the effort that basketball players go through in order to play the game. It shows how much effort people put in the game in order to win a championship and achieve a goal. Moreover, it shows how hardworking people can be which is the definition of cracks the whip. It shows discipline and how hardworking people are in order to achieve something they really want in life and shows what people are able to accomplish when they are focused on that goal.


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