A Poem that Sings to Us

Posted: December 27, 2013 in Uncategorized


© Brooke Hoffer

How do you go on knowing that you failed
and all your friends suddenly disappeared and bailed
Can you see the shame on everyone’s face
and your parents look at you like your the biggest disgrace
All this time you blamed everyone else
but all along it was none other than yourself
Now your stuck here paying the price
It’s up to you, how are you going to change your life
Will you sit there and look like your lost
or are you going to get up and pay the cost
Don’t sit there and reminisce the past
for the future is coming and it’s coming fast
So make some memories, ones to remember
because you my friend will graduate in December
So how do you go on knowing that you failed
just smile to the world cause you could have bailed

Source: Regret, Life Lesson Poem http://www.familyfriendpoems.com/poem/regret-2#ixzz2oNdJvnj6 
Family Friend Poems 


This poem sings because it tries to give us life lessons. Singing means giving a voice and here the poem is voicing out a life lesson. It tries to voice out things that people most regret in life.


These are the things and actions that people do and in the end see the consequences of their wrong acts and regret what they did. The poem voices out not to take things foregranted because life is only short and time is precious. People can still act if they want to and do something about it. We cant just be complacent and do nothing about things.

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